Kim Step-by-Step Hair Extensions

Highlighting hair with extensions

Kim before Hair Extensions

Kim Before

Kim was first colored using Chromastics Color:

1 oz 4n+1/2 oz 2ro+1/2 oz 4ro 2oz 25 vol

Roots and ends 1oz4n+1/2oz2ro+1/2oz4ro 2oz 15 vol

We used European Natural Wavy 18” hair:

e-133, e-135, e-30

First row e133

Second row e133, e135, e30 Third row e133

Drawing Matt with colored hair

e 133, e135, e30

European Natural Wavy

first row scattered

First Scattered row below the occipital bone

7 extensions

second row scattered

Second Scattered row

45 extensions around the head

third row scattered

Third row around the top

scattered 30 extensions

Kim was cut using a razor and thinning shears, then blown dried and hot rollered.

Kim’s second look was curling ironed, and then finger waved and backcombed.

kim after up do
Kim Up Do