Erika Step-by-Step Hair Extensions

Erika Before and after in 4 Steps

Erika Before

Erika was first colored using demi Chromastics Color:

1 oz 4n +1 oz 4g +10 vol Hair was highlighted using 10 vol bleach

We used European Natural Wavy 18” hair:

e-24, e-613, e-16, e30, e617 e6, e14, e27

Hair was cut using thinning shears and a razor internally and externally. Blown dried, then hot rollered.

Erika Hair

e24, e613, e16, e30, e617

European Natural Wavy

Erika First Row

First Solid row above the occipital bone

36 extensions ear to ear

Erika Second Row

Second Solid row above the ear

58 extensions around the head

Erika Third Row

Third solid row, around the top

50 extensions

Erika Fourth Row

Fourth row around the crown & temporal bone

scattered 30 extensions


Erika Curly
Erika Straight Hair